My Captured Moment #4 – A Rare Sit Down

I don’t know how I filled all the hours in the day pre-children. Obviously there were¬†less hours in the day back then. Weekends only had one 7 o’clock for example. But I must have sat around a lot. Fluffing through … Continue reading

My captured moment #2 – Painting

Painting. 15 minutes set up time. 20 minute clear up operation. 2 minute activity. Literally, sometimes I summon up the effort required for painting and the two little darlings paint one ‘picture’ each and then abandon, leaving a paint strewn … Continue reading

Hobbycraft, Haskins and a hot breakfast

Hobbycraft is a seriously dangerous shop for me. Pre-children I would spend my hard earned money on beautiful papers, reels of ribbon and cake decorating supplies. Now I buy lolly-pop sticks, glitter and giant bags of pompoms. Somehow though it’s … Continue reading