My Captured Moment #3 – Beautiful Girlies

My little baby isn’t so little anymore. Heading towards 7 months she’s fast becoming her own little girly in our family. No longer the little baby attached to her mummy, she’s beginning to play, to join in, to make her … Continue reading

Tinkerbell wears a coat and snow boots don’t you know

Pre-children I’d see small children in supermarkets dressed as Spiderman or Cinderella and ponder whether they were on their way to a party or dress up occasion. Now I know. There was no party. Snow White was in attendance because … Continue reading

My captured moment #2 – Painting

Painting. 15 minutes set up time. 20 minute clear up operation. 2 minute activity. Literally, sometimes I summon up the effort required for painting and the two little darlings paint one ‘picture’ each and then abandon, leaving a paint strewn … Continue reading

And if your kids need hyping up about Christmas even more…

I LOVE Christmas! We LOVE Christmas. J and Bella LOVE Christmas. I LOVE the power of Christmas. One threat that Father Christmas is probably watching and the shoes are suddenly on the feet, or the fight over Buzz Lighyear is … Continue reading

Not quite tough mudder!

My husband was asked to run a Tough Mudder this year. I laughed. An obstacle course with walls, water, and electrocution. Mr G can move, he cycles every day and can run a heck of a lot more than me. But a 10 mile obstacle course designed to test ‘physical strength and mental grit’. Maybe next year hey Mr G. The friend that asked him to run it, broke his ankle on a trampoline a few months before…extreme excuses!

But Mr G doesn’t need Tough Mudder though. No. He has one better. Team Gregs Obstacle Courses!

As a family we are pretty good at going out and about come rain or shine, but some days even we want to stay warm and dry in our home with easy access to a cup of coffee, sofa and blanket! Once we’ve played endless rounds of Pop up Pirate and Kerplunk (which takes 8 hours longer to set up than play…don’t even get me started on Mouse Trap!) our fail safe, go to activity is Obstacle Courses!!

No explanation needed…just watch….

It’s pretty tricky to get the course set up without the kids trialing/dismantling it as you go, so our darlings usually get told to sit in front of TV and not move until its ready! Bad parenting admission! The level of thought Mr G puts into the ever increasingly challenging courses is ridiculous…clearly he puts his train commute to good course planning use!

Plus there is usually an injury of some kind. Bella once ran straight into the table rather than ducking to crawl under it. It was NOT funny (it was really but she did not appreciate us laughing).

Just remember dads out there…if you use every sofa cushion, side table, and blanket to make an obstacle course, YOU PUT IT BACK!

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