Tinkerbell wears a coat and snow boots don’t you know

Pre-children I’d see small children in supermarkets dressed as Spiderman or Cinderella and ponder whether they were on their way to a party or dress up occasion. Now I know. There was no party. Snow White was in attendance because … Continue reading

And if your kids need hyping up about Christmas even more…

I LOVE Christmas! We LOVE Christmas. J and Bella LOVE Christmas. I LOVE the power of Christmas. One threat that Father Christmas is probably watching and the shoes are suddenly on the feet, or the fight over Buzz Lighyear is … Continue reading

Let’s go fly a kite…or at least try bloomin’ hard!

Kite flying with small children isn’t very successful. In fact its quite painful at times. You manage to successfully get the kite in the air, you pass the handle to the small child and 90% of the time it then … Continue reading

What’s better than the zoo??….the FREE zoo!

When you need to escape the house for half an hour, don’t pay for entertainment….visit the free zoo!

Ok….maybe not zoo…Pets at Home. Winnall or Eastleigh.

Pretend to peruse. Yes honestly staff members, I am crazy enough to have three children age four and under and pets. Honestly. Like my husband would let me! I think he’d divorce me if I brought a fish home let alone anything with fur!

Since I first brought little Bella home from hospital, Pets at Home has been my go to emergency entertainment. It never fails. Trust me.

Eversley park, Kings Worthy

My head and heart are split when it comes to parks. My kids love them. I love the ability to run off energy and get out in the fresh air, come rain or shine. but, there is a very large ‘but’ when it comes to parks. I may be doing something very wrong here, (answers on a postcard most welcome) but a park with more than one child with only one adult, has never yet seem easy. I’ve merely moved between these situations…

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