Mother’s Day Wishes

Sunday. It’s Mother’s Day. For all you Dads out there take note. This may be your final warning.

Mother’s Day. Up there with Valentine’s Day for commercial mumbo jumbo??? Perhaps. But heck, a day to note what all the Mamas do, all the dinners made, the bottoms wiped, the Calpol wrangled in tightly shut mouths, can’t be a bad thing. (And I’m not saying the dads out there don’t do their share….ours has changed enough nappies and rocked ever increasingly heavy children to sleep many many a time).

A day to appreciate the often thankless work, and perhaps acknowledge that the mums in your lives aren’t doing a bad job. I for one, particularly as a stay at home mum (read about me being a stay at home mum here), rarely get any positive affirmation that we are holding it together, doing the best we can for our children and families. A day to be told you are doing OK. That you are powering through motherhood with a modicum of success.

A day to appreciate our ‘mummy friends’ who as fellow mums in the thick of it, pull us through on the tough days.

So hell yeah, a day to celebrate mums, and even a little moment off perhaps, is a spiffing idea in my opinion.

But I don’t need a lot on Mother’s Day. I don’t need a pink sequin pillow that says ‘mummy is great’ on it. I don’t need a fancy dinner out where I attempt to keep my cool whilst bribing three kids to sit down and not dunk their garlic bread into their apple juice. I don’t need fancy jewellery that I’m never going to wear for fear of the baby tugging too hard on it one too many times. Gifts are nice, I certainly wouldn’t say no, but my wishes are simpler.

I just wish for a cuddle from my children
….and to pee on my own.

I just wish for my children’s good health
….and a self cleaning high chair.

I just wish for gifts and cards handmade with love (thanks nursery, you’ve got this one!
…and a week of school runs without rain.

I just wish to see my children playing together
….and to finish a hot cup of coffee without breaking up a fight.

I just wish for a day spent with the best daddy my children could ask for
….and a bottle of hair dye to cover the greys.

I just wish for a family with fun, laughs, energy, smiles and positivity.
….and a large glass of Chablis wouldn’t go amiss.

So the week before Mothers Day, here’s to all you fellow Mummies. You are doing a grand job. You rock. Even on the days you are winging it. Do it with a smile, and nobody will know!





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