The Mum Bob is back!

Pregnancy and hair…it’s like some kind of sick joke. For 9 months you get treated to lovely thick hair, one positive of being fat and hormonal. Then baby is born and not only do you not have time to wash and style your tresses as you did pre tiny human, but then a few moths later…bam…it’s all falling out. A constant need to hoover up piles of hair when it’s only thanks to the cordless Dyson the floor has been hoovered at all since labour day. Unblocking the shower drain suddenly seems a daily task. Uncurling tiny baby hands to retrieve endless strands of mummy hairs. It’s a cruel time. I’ve three times now ended up with bald triangles near my temples as my dear hair appears to just lose the will to hang on in two specific patches. So I can’t even tie my thinning greasy mummy hair up. Thanks hormones. Nine months after Aubs arrives I’m just hitting the fluffy re-growth stage. Baby hair all around my hairline that pretty much just sticks up. Attractive.

When it all started to fall out after my 3rd baby I decided the long locks just had to go. Time was not on my side every morning. Short meant quicker. Essential in this house.

I was informed the other day by Adele whist she sat in a car next to James Corden that what I have is a ‘Mum Bob’. Oh dear.  But she has one t00. Does that make it cool? Acceptable at least?

Anyways…the trouble with a ‘Mum Bob’ is that, despite being quicker every morning my hairdresser visit frequency has gone from once every 6 months or so to once every few weeks. Finding time to call up to book an appointment is hard enough, let alone getting into town to sit in a chair doing nothing for an hour! Hence my ‘Mum Bob’had become more of a ‘grown out inbetweeny mess’. Urgh. I’ve never really enjoyed the hairdressing experience. I actually usually find it pretty darn stressful. So making time to put myself through it isn’t top priority.

Today though, the ‘Mum Bob’ stars aligned. I was in town to get my glasses fixed and had to wait around to pick them back up. Wondering about rather aimlessly I found myself outside Mawson and Company (The Square, Winchester). I’ve walked past many a time but somehow never realised that this was a hairdressers?!?! I popped in and lo, they had an appointment available there and then! See, stars aligned!

And it just got better. I was asked if I wanted a massage. Um….mum of 3 here…that’s a dumb question. Now don’t be thinking of a crappy little head rub whilst your head is craned backwards over a sink…this was a head and shoulder massage pre hair wash with a choice of oils!! Then the hair wash chair; a massage chair that was more arm chair than sink chair and my coffee came in a mini cafetière! I had my hair cut exactly how I wanted it to be done and with gorgeous Aveda products which smell amazing. The staff were super friendly and helpful and I didn’t feel dowdy and uncool like I usually do in fancy hairsalons!


I think I’ve found my salon. I might make an effort to actually book a trim now!

(And thanks dear husband for always emptying the shower drain. True love.)



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