‘Holiday’ is a rather grand term…

The biggest tiny human in my house is now one and a half terms through his first year at school. I was convinced when he started school I’d suddenly have way more time on my hands and life with just the 2 girls Monday-Friday would be a breeze. Not so. But we’ve survived a term and a half and we are slowly falling into our new groove of school runs, reading practice, remembering book bags and the apparent memory failure of 4 year olds at 3.30pm everyday. But then they hit you with a ‘holiday’. ‘Holiday’ is a grand term. I see no sun, beach or time off for a frazzled mum. Half of my tired head thinks having all three at home, no school runs and time back with my baby(?!) boy sounds like an OK prospect. A time to catch up, chill out and just play. Then I remember I haven’t worried about cooking a hot meal in the evening for months thanks to free school dinners, the constant arguing between the delightful siblings and the amount of mess having three children at home creates. We survived the Christmas holidays, but that’s Christmas! And we ran away to Disneyland for 4 days of it. Half term was looking decidedly dull. Yet somehow mightily exhausting for me. So I did what any normal mum of 3 would do given half the chance….sent the eldest to stay at Grandmas.

Grandma now lives in Devon so the girls and I headed down after a couple of days to get out of the house and enjoy the momentary stop in the school run travelator. I’m still a bit clueless when it comes to effective child exercising and entertaining options in Devon so it was great to be told about the Half Term activities that Wyevale Garden Centres were putting on. The Wyevale centre at Fair Oak is one of my favourite haunts….it has a play zone where the tables to enjoy your leisurely(!) coffee at, are behind a glass wall! Genius!!! Coffee and a tiny bit of peace…..compared to any other play zone at least! Small wins and all that.

But I did not know Wyevale put on Holiday activities for kids.
I signed the two big ones up for their Little Bug Bakery activity (£5 per child) that was one of four different activities as part of their Wildlife Week at Endsleigh in Devon. A lovely girl, Grace, who coped remarkably well with about 14 small children and their mums, ran the session and the children all made their own ‘squashed fly’ biscuits which were baked whilst they could decorate a cupcake and work on their activity sheets.
Little Bug Bakery
J and Bella loved it! Spot on for their age (3 and 4) and it was pretty simple for me to have a baby on my hip too (although Nana and their big cousin came along to lend a hand!).
Endsleigh, like Fair Oak also had a play zone area….I’m going to trawl the website to see if other centres have one, as there is another centre in Andover which isn’t too far from us….so we headed there after for a bit of energy expending and the obligatory slice of cake and kids mix up lunch bag.
Endsleigh Play zone
A morning of happy entertained children, no mess to clear up and cake. What more can a mum want. One happy family!
 Five weeks till the Easter holidays. And that’s a two week-er. See you then Wyevale!

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2 thoughts on “‘Holiday’ is a rather grand term…

  1. Don’t forget there is also the “free zoo” at Endsleigh garden centre, pets and fish to look at which the children really enjoy, even the youngest.


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