Bouncing off the walls!

A lot of indoor, rain suitable, kid occupying, energy depleting activities, don’t exactly fill me with joy. Playzones; certainly have their place in the existence of a family with 3 children 4 years and under, but I hardly push the door open with a skip in my step. I scowl if the last comfy sofa has gone, head quickly to get a cup of coffee and have a great tactic of any child that returns to me being told, “oh quick I think I can hear ‘enter name of other sibling’ crying – please can you go check if they are stuck” with great hope that they will then get distracted by the ridiculously tight roller things (seriously how are we supposed to fit through them to rescue the child that has been hit/bitten by a feral child in the darkest corner of the playzone), or the static inducing slide, and won’t return for another 6.4 minutes. And swimming…well the trauma of swimming I’ve already documented.

But then Oxygen Freejumping saved the day and sanity of mums and dads out there. An indoor, high energy activity that we can join in! And have fun! With no fear stepping on something wet at the bottom of the ball pit.

Basically a warehouse full of trampolines. Kids and adults alike, can run, jump, bounce and have fun whilst literally bouncing off the walls. They have dedicated sessions for little ones, and family sessions which is great to avoid the littles being squished. Although there is a clear staff presence so I’m sure any unruly jumping would be kept away. There are foam pits to jump into and a giant air filled pillow thing to run and bounce onto and clamber off (J’s favourite bit!).


(Please excuse photos – nobody would bloomin keep still!)

I overheard a fellow dad talking and saying that he was there with a 4 year old, 8 year old and teenager and it was a great place to please everyone. That is absolutely true. Bouncing on a trampoline is super fun whether you are 4 or 44! We took the baby with us and it was pretty simple to switch holding onto her whilst the other one of us jumped. And there is always a cafe if you need a caffeine re-fill!

Amazing fun Oxygen Freejumping. We will be back! And a certain 4 year old has his sights set on a trampolining 5th Birthday party there!

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3 thoughts on “Bouncing off the walls!

  1. It is so fun! We took Lily on her 4th birthday last Monday and Rob had a whale of a time. Some parents (like him) went nuts and even Lily started running and jumping off the walls!


  2. Love trampoline places like this!!!! My kids slept like babies after my nieces bday party at one of these places!!! Glad you loved it!


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