I attended the second sitting at every meal

It’s January 11th. I can now say I survived the Christmas crazy. Just. I’m just about exiting. Returning to the realm of normal life. Or as a fellow school mum put it the other day, I’ve stepped back on the travelator of regular mum life.  It doesn’t stop, you get carried along, exits seldom and when you spot one you have to leg it off or fall flat on your face.

Christmas with three tiny humans in the house, is obviously exciting. Pre-children Christmas was great. With children it’s awesome. But I’m sure I’m not the only mum who ate every meal over the Christmas season on an apparent second sitting. Next year I may put at the top of my Christmas list ‘a hot meal’.

The tail end of 2015 in Chez G was manic. We partied with our friends, we partied with Micky and Minnie. We met Father Chrimbo and rather a few princesses. We found the craziest bouciest place for fun and had our annual Christmas eve dinner and ice cream outing. Someone learnt to crawl, and worked out how to stand up the very next day; The Christmas tree came down early. We found our Nana and Gagas new house and their mud, and we got our very first night off in 8 months.

2016. The 2nd year out of the last 7 that I won’t be pregnant in. Mad.

2016. The year I intend to crack this housewife gig. The year I get organised. Still my goal. I’m working on it. I’ll enlighten you on my progress when I can schedule it on my planner/calendar/to-do list. If its written down it’s as good as done right?

2016. The year to regain my pre-child figure. Or at least attempt it. Mr G bought be a health/diet book for my birthday. ‘Lean in 15’. 15 minute work-outs and super fast dinners. I’ll juggle my schedule to squeeze in 15 mins for exercise, sure I can. I just have to work out whether to ditch Jeremy Kyle or the kids bath time???

2016. The year for finding suitable family fun for a pre-walker, a pre-schooler and the boy who now apparently knows EVERYTHING as he is at school and practically an adult. Family fun and activity is SO important to me. I don’t want to have to split with the big kids going off with one parent whilst one stays at home with the baby. But our ‘go to’ activity staples like cinema or parks, have suddenly become so much harder with a baby on the move in tow, so this year I will need to get some serious googling on. And besides we only have one car so we are stuck together.

Kicking off 2016 with a quote I saw the other day…

Attitude is everything.

New Day. New Strength. New Thoughts.

(And to save being told off by Mr G. I did ask for the book.)











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