Am I just doing it all wrong?

Do you ever feel like you must be doing it all wrong? Am I the only stay at home mum who feels like this? Or am I actually just doing it all wrong?

School runs, nursery runs, dishwasher emptying, kids dinners, adults dinners, endless breakfast requests for toast, then cereal, then fruit…I’m still clueless where they put it. School reply slips, birthday organising, life admin, and seemingly daily trips to Tescos. Ballet lessons, toy sorting, key word learning, endless hoovering. Bathtime, nail cutting, bedtime routines involving as little crying as possible. Car cleaning, junk drawer sorting, tidying the understairs cupboard, packed lunch making and outgrown clothes sorting. Sink cleaning, high chair cleaning, Dr appointment making, library book remembering and teeth and hair brushing. It’s an endless list.

I have a constant nagging feeling that I do none of it well. Things get forgotten, windowsills are not dusted, and I’m lucky if I remember my own kids birthdays in time let alone friends and extended family. A lot of the time I feel like a pretty awful wife and mum. And one who’s frequently chasing her tail and in a bad mood because of it.

And I don’t even have to go to work. I’m a stay at home mum. God only knows how all you working mums get things done! Mr G doesn’t get home till late mon-fri so we can’t share the home load. It’s all on me. And sometimes I feel like I’m barely floating.

I wonder sometimes if I’m missing some kind of magic trick. Some way of getting everything done in less time. Everyone else manages to get everything done, have a tidy house and listen to their kids read everyday. I have a friend who irons her baby muslins…she surely has more hours in her day than me?!? I’m in awe of her. Putting children in a cupboard would help with getting things done but I’m not sure that would be allowed. I know I don’t make some things easy for myself….yes my kids eat snacks on the sofa so it has to be hoovered, we do have a playroom full of toys that need to be tidied and I take on way to many extras like birthday parties and trips away but that’s what family life is about isn’t it? And I chose to have 3 babies. Which is a lot of work. That’s my choice.


I’d hoped that sending one to school this September would free up some time. Pah. It’s just a shorter day to get everything done. And don’t get me started on parent mail!

I’ve decided I need an action plan. I’m not talking Gantt charts here or anything but I’m beginning to think that daily life needs to be more ordered so we don’t spend our precious weekends putting all our eggs back in the basket (is that a phrase or did I make that up?!). I saw a link to a book named “Getting Things Done” the other day. I considered reading it. Till I wondered when the heck I’d get a chance to read it! But I’m putting my own self help plan into action.

I’m going to get organised. I’m getting the lists and important things to remember like non-uniform days out of my head and on to a week plan. I’m going to be that person who plans to within an inch of their lives. I’m going to make dinner plans, and a housekeeping schedule. A pocket money chart. I’m going to add to my random reminder signs that are dotted around the house and have a weekly to-do list. Which I will actually do. Maybe I need to link the to-do list to the wine cupboard….only unlocks once the list is all complete! Can anyone make me that?!? I’ve even asked the husband for things like a week planner pad for Christmas. I must be desperate.

2016 is going to be the year of conquering this housewife malarkey. 4 years in. It’s going to be my New Years resolution. My mind is bored of the chaos in it. There has to be a way to make things run smoother.

If I discover any magic on this quest, I’ll pass the gems on to anyone else who feels they are doing it all wrong with me. Unless I really am the only one! And anyone who knows the answer, or even any useful tips that work for them please let me know! It might let me get my wine quicker read and play with my kids more. And that’s whats it’s all about isn’t it.

And if you were wondering how the heck I found time to write this essay….I’m still forced to sit on sofa to feed baby a few times a day….once she weans I’ll never sit down again. Ever. Sob.


One thought on “Am I just doing it all wrong?

  1. Is that me you’re talking about with the muslins?!!! I feel just the same, a constant to do list my head & never being able to sit down in the evening just trying to keep on top of everything. A very good & true blog entry xx


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