Run Daddy Santa, and Mummy Santa, and Baby Santa….

Facebook is bad for you. It makes you do crazy things.

A couple of months ago I saw an advert for a Santa Fun Run raising money for Naomi House and Jacks Place.

What a great idea I thought. We can do that. Mummy and Daddy and J and Bella, and Aubs. Yep all of us can run a 5k course dressed as 5 Santas. Sure we can. Evidently I felt I didn’t have enough to do this Christmas. But I knew my Christmas wouldn’t be with a child in Naomi House or Jacks Place. So we could do this. We could raise money for this great charity as a family.

Fast forward 2 months and having been for a grand total of about 4 runs….mild panic was setting in. 5K. With 3 kids in tow.

This morning, we pulled into the car park. People were getting out of their cars. In lycra. OH GOD, what have we done. 2 buggies out of the boot, with the portable potty stashed essentially underneath. Oh dear, is there going to be anyone left at the finish line when we cross it 3 hours later? Requests for snacks after walking approx 5 minutes to the registration point. Snacks had somewhat been overlooked. We had waters, emergency outfit changes, pumped up buggy wheels, but no snacks. This is NOT a good idea. Can I bail out now?

We got to registration. No backing out now. Santa suits on. Predictably one child wouldn’t entertain the idea of wearing theirs. The hat was a far as she was going to go (and she’d already stated she would NOT be running. At all. She would sit in the buggy the WHOLE way.)

Thankfully the atmosphere of a thousand odd Santas soon kicked in and the positivity began to sneak back in. It’s pretty hard not to smile with an entire family dressed as Santa! There were some other crazy people with buggies. None with 2 buggies and 3 children. Just crazy old us.

Then…SNOW. Ok not actual snow, but that didn’t matter to the children! Add Christmas music and we were off. J sprinting ahead. Clearly the pace setter in this race.

We made it round, running a whole lot more than I thought we would. I surprised my horrifically unfit self! Only one wipe out, J, not me luckily. And the entire family ran over the finsih line to collect our medals. In more snow! J was pleased as punch, and we were pretty proud of him. He may not have ran the whole way as he had desperately intended, but he put in a mighty good effort for a 4 year old. And we weren’t last. Actually we weren’t even near the back! Whoop!

Santa fun runSo facebook made me run. A whole 5k. And sitting here writing this my legs feel a little like jelly. But we had fun, and raised a whole bunch of money for a fantastic cause thanks to all our kind sponsors.

Now who would like to sponsor the school run tomorrow? I may be crawling that one.







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