Tinkerbell wears a coat and snow boots don’t you know

Pre-children I’d see small children in supermarkets dressed as Spiderman or Cinderella and ponder whether they were on their way to a party or dress up occasion.

Now I know.

There was no party. Snow White was in attendance because that poor mum just wanted to get to the supermarket. They knew taking small child to supermarket would be bad enough. Bad enough without a 20 minute meltdown before they had even left the front door about the removal of that costume. So the costume can stay. It’s better than being naked. It’s better than having no milk in the fridge. That mum may have NEEDED chocolate or wine from the supermarket that day. If it takes an extra 5 minutes to wrangle the car seat straps around Elsa’s dress,  that’s fine. Better than planking because they were FORCED to wear leggings and a t-shirt. The horror of leggings. It’s not just a costume remember. They actually ARE Tinkerbell. And hence forth will only be addressed by their princess name. How dare we ask them to return to their boring old self to prance around a supermarket. Wear whatever you like small child. It’s not a battle worth fighting.

And anyway, if small Disney characters didn’t frequent the supermarket occasionally who would entertain the old people whilst they do their shopping. My little Tinkerbell gets all the oldies attention!

Supermarkets, restaurants, nursery, my Bella will wear a costume wherever she can. We took Tinkerbell to the woods the other day. One of those days where you just need to wear the children out just a little more before heading home. One of our favourite spots for those last minute walks on the way home, where you don’t want to go anywhere specific, is the rows of trees at the top of Fulflood, Winchester. It’s also a great spot for photos.

Walk in woods

The river at the bottom of Winchester high street, and the walk around past Wolvesey Castle (stopping for a sneaky ice cream in the summer!) and up through the cathedral is another of our favourite ‘don’t want to go home quite yet walks’, as is the old railways lines in Kings Worthy.

Walk in woods 2

Convincing our little Tinkerbell to walk anywhere is a battle though. She’s a pushchair princess. We just need to figure out how to get those wings to work…





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