I fear a Pinterest fail coming on…

Birthday cakes. An essential part of any small child’s birthday.

Child’s view on the key essentials of a birthday cake  –

  • It’s a giant cake
  • It must contain excessive amounts of icing
  • The brighter and more garish the better.
  • The birthday child MUST have the large modeled out of solid sugar figure and eat it at the end of the party just before bed.

My view –

  • It must match the theme of the party
  • It should contain as little icing as possible
  • It must actually resemble what it is supposed to be
  • I MUST make it myself. Come hell or high water.

In the age before the little birthday stealers came along, I used to make and decorate a lot of cakes. I could spend all weekend on decorating a cake. It was relaxing and provided a great sense of achievement. Now the only cakes I make and decorate are for the two (soon to be 3) days we seem to count down to all year…kids birthdays. And every year the same debacle takes place.

It all starts with Pinterest. I’m sure many of you can stop reading now. You know how the rest of this story goes. After the Toy Story cake near meltdown of July, Mr G made me PROMISE that I would select a “simple” cake to recreate from the depths of the Pinterest site of doom.

So now we are in November and Bellas birthday is winging its way next week. One 3am night feed I pulled out the Pinterest searching boredom breaker and looked for the requested ‘Sleeping Beauty’ cakes. 2 tiers is simple right? And a crown made of icing to top it? Sure no probs. 2 hours max decorate time.

I headed to the trusty cake decorating shop local, Cake Craft in Chandlers Ford convinced this idea was still simple.

First to tackle the crown. This could be made in advance. Bonus points for organisisation. I even found a ‘simple’ picture guide.

Draw design, wrap round cylindrical object, roll out icing (gum paste), stick with edible glue. Easy. Between breaks to tend to whingy baby it was going ok. Until; gum paste cracks super easy. This was going to be no super smooth and shiny crown. It’s pretty hard to get things symmetrical. Princesses don’t need symmetry right?  Edible glue takes 100 years to dry. Ruddy good job I started a week early. See tin foil corset to keep the darling Sleeping Beauty’s crown in one piece. There was cursing. There was bin action threatened. There was the inevitable speech from the husband about ‘keeping it simple’. Blah.

crown stage 1

8 hours (yes no exaggeration here) later stage 1 was done. Large glass of wine consumed. Didn’t look any better after wine. The gold paint job would make it look better. Surely.

(There may have been a quick google search to see if a handy supermarket could rescue me with a ready made Sleeping Beauty cake at this point)

Day two and two coats of gold edible ink later the Pinterest fail is complete. It’s wobbly. It’s cracked. It’s maybe a crown for Princess Fiona (Shrek) rather than Sleeping Beauty. it looks really not a lot like the erevt crown on the oh so handy interest guide.

But my little Bella knew exactly what it was and seemed pretty chuffed with her sugar-craft challenged mummy’s efforts. Phew.

Pinterest fail. Mummy win.

crown stage 2

Now I just have to make a two tier cake to sit this monstrosity on top of! Simple right?

I’m off to check out Pinterest. I’ll let you know how I get on!


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