My Captured Moment #1 – Sister Love

Joining up with Heledd from Running in Lavender for her Linky My Captured Moment for the first time.

I was tidying in the kitchen earlier this week and noticed that Bella had gone to sit with Aubs. My camera was on the side so I quickly grabbed a shot of them. Big sis LOVES little sis. I love to watch them interact and Aubs finds her big sister just hilarious (who doesn’t!). One of my biggest hopes for them is that they stay close and become friends as well as sisters. My gorgeous girlies x


Running in Lavender

7 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #1 – Sister Love

  1. Such a beautiful photo, I love looking back at shots of my two when they were like this, especially when they are bickering ha ha x


  2. Welcome to #MyCapturedMoment, so great to have you join in!! This is a stunning shot of your two beautiful girls and I know exactly what you mean. My two have always been like this and are now the best for friends. They play together all the time and get on so well, I hope they always will. Thank you so much for linking up xxx


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