Super Lush!

Eczema sucks.

Creams. Itching. Diet restrictions. Sun cream woes. Drs appointments.

And for little Bella, who suffers with it, the kids toiletries in the supermarket are a longed for yet forbidden shelf. It’s plain old water or pretty boring looking bland bath washes for bath time round here. I’m always on the look out for something a bit more fun that isn’t going to cause her to wake up the next morning looking like a tomato.

But the other night, at a South East Bloggers circle meet up (mummy got to abandon the house solo for the first time since the baby was born!!), I found something. Something fun. But designed with dodgy skin in mind. And I was shocked from where…Lush.


My husband hates Lush. I get the impression a lot of husbands hate lush. The smell is just too strong apparently. One of the attractions for me! But also why is never thought before of them having products for children with sensitive skin. At our meet up (hosted by the lovely Jenny Cole at Pizza Express Basingstoke) two great ladies from Lush attended and talked to us about their products. I learnt that they do in fact have a number of products suitable for sensitive skin, including a gorgeous teddy bath bomb!


Absolutely perfect for making bath time a little more fun!

Huge excitement when I unwrapped it for them this evening!


Their bath smelt gorgeous! And the water felt super silky.

Well done Lush. You surprised me and I’ll be back for more. Can you now work on a bath bomb that gets them dry and dressed after for me too??

Does anyone else have any recommendations for ‘fun’ bath toiletries for children with sensitive skin?? Anyone else found any hidden gems?

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6 thoughts on “Super Lush!

  1. My little boy has eczema and these teddies were fab. One of very few things which used to be suitable for his skin. 🙂 Another product which worked really well for us was Miamoo products. Their baba oil was so good for his skin especially. 🙂


  2. Aidan has really sensitive skin too but we found that the Childs Farm range was great and the packaging and smell is definitely fun! I actually only bought him a Lush Butterbear last week so I am delighted to hear the good review 🙂


  3. Lush is absolutely fantastic! Definitely one of my favourite shops in the whole world. Their products are just filled with natural and organic ingredients. My little boy has a skin condition and they are so gentle on his skin so I don’t need to search everywhere for something that works.

    Great post!


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