It’s all about the party bag…and the cake

This weekend it rained. And rained. And rained a bit more. Thankfully we had invites for this weekend, two birthday parties. Saturday for Bella, Sunday for J. For my children, a birthday party is a seriously big deal. It’s talked about all week. It’s used as a bribe for days before by a desperate mummy. It’s talked about for days after. Sometimes months. Elsa was at a party once. That astounding fact gets brought up frequently.

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree really. I love a good party. So does MR G. I can happily deliberate over which napkins are the best choice or whether to brave a piñata with 15 three year olds, for hours. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, we’ll host a party for it all. We even had sightings of a naughty elf at last years Christmas party!

Party one this weekend was conveniently in town, so the obvious choice was to head in early for a family breakfast out. Current obsession…Black White Red. Amazing breakfasts. The banana and oat bread is a must! And Mr G says the smashed eggs with chimichurri are too. The eggs benedict had the most perfect cooked eggs, the three slices of french toast on J’s plate went before I even got a taste and we haven’t yet even sampled the pancakes!!1922451_1670167293226857_976526903_n Kids hot chocolates were seriously tasty, and the coffee choice is vast (although I’m yet to try their cold drip coffee which I’m looking forward to when then have it available). Green juice also super good! Black White Red is pretty kid friendly, not loads of room for pushchairs but enough, and they have high chairs and a baby change available. It’s certainly worth a stop if you are up that end of town.11910525_1659108184361816_1101650895_n(1)

Fueled up and ready to go, party number one was a Movin Monkeez party. Movin Monkeez and the lovely Christie runs classes and parties around Winchester for crawlers to 4 years focusing on movement, dancing and rhythm.

I took J to one of Christie’s Movin Monkeez classes when he was young and he hugely enjoyed it. We went as a group of mums and it was lovely to catch up and have an activity for the children to do. A number of them are on round two and currently meeting up at the class again with the younger siblings. (Bad baby planning in this household, never pregnant at the same time as my friends!). Christie runs great birthday parties too. She gets the kids really involved, there is lots of running about, but also some calmer activities which are great for my Bella. Why do some children just get into the party activities as they are about to end though?! Everytime for Bella! She just starts enjoying joining in and it’s the end! They all got a lovely certificate, sticker and medal at the end! The anticipation and excitement for some of the children whilst waiting on the mat for their turn to come up for their medal was brilliant to see! Obligatory party tea and cupcakes and then the number one reason for attending a party….the PARTY BAG!! You can barely get in the car without it being emptied, eaten (yes even a non edible toy which looked remarkably like an edible sweet to a 3 year old has been known amongst friends!) whooped in amazement at the small plastic ball popper, all whilst parents try to restrain themselves from ripping the freakishly loud party blower into a hundred pieces! I’m not sure how a small bag full of sweets, that they never seem to like, and random small plastic toys can hold so much power. But it does. Everytime!

Party number 2 was a new one to us…The Funky Playbus. I dropped J off, he ran into the playbus, which has its own host to lead the children in games, and I sat down in the hall and had a cuppa with a few of the other parents. Amazing! Then they came in for party food. Not so quiet. Apart from J when waiting for cake. Very quiet, very still. Only possible for cake. I can’t tell you much about the play bus, I didn’t see inside.That would have been super uncool for my 4 year old. But it was seriously fun if you take the opinion of a 4 year old.

I see the Funky Playbus, has one huge advantage…they turn up, provide entertainment, the all important party bags, and then leave. Mess taken with them. A very low organisation intensive party option. Not something I ever seem to think about when I start to organise parties, and I stupidly ask the children for their input into what they would like…hence, I’m not currently organising a Frozen party, where I could buy plate/napkins/party bags etc from every other shop (including Poundland!), nope, I’m organising a Sleeping Beauty party. When was the last time you saw a Sleeping Beauty paper plate I ask you?! But her excitement level at her upcoming Sleeping Beauty Party makes the hours of internet searching worth it…and there is a rumour a certain princess herself might be making an appearance. Watch this space!

Do you enjoy organising your childrens parties? Any great ideas for imaginative parties? I’m always on the look out for new ideas so would love to hear from you all!


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8 thoughts on “It’s all about the party bag…and the cake

    • We have tended to organise our own childrens parties at home so far, with games etc, as we have been able to control numbers etc, but now J is at school I think we will have to start paying for somewhere 😦


  1. Oh, wow, they both sounded fab. I am yet to organise any children’s parties. I don’t really see the point for babies/toddlers and with ASD to factor in here it has so far seemed like too much stress (I hate organising a trip to the cinema with a friend let alone anything more complicated) for too little gain. I think Tyger will want a party next year, though, so I might have to suck it up and get on with it!



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