Fireworks with friends

Fireworks night in winchester is big. Well the Saturday for fireworks night. Winchester goes to town every year. An amazing torch procession through the town ending at the giant bonfire for the fireworks show. It’s a charity event organised by the Winchester Round Table raising around £40,000 a year and this is the 57th year! It’s a ticketed event, but only costing £3 per person if you book in advance.

Its quite a spectacle. The entire high street fills with people with flaming torches. And the firework display is amazing.

However it’s popularity is in fact, for me, its downfall. There are so many people and it’s a sea of walkinh bodies. When we lived in town and the high street was a mere couple of minutes walk away it was easy to park ourselves on a corner at the edge of the procession to watch it go past but now finding a parking place, battling the crowds with a buggy and keeping our eyes on two excited small people makes the evening out not such a fun prospect.

We tried to go one year, we were all up for making the effort, went for dinner at friends house walking distance from town, but the mear threat of rain tipped us over the edge and we poured another glass of wine instead!

And I don’t know about all children, but mine love the idea of fireworks but moan everytime we see them about how loud it is and declare after 2 minutes they want to go in/home! Not great when you’ve used every ounce of energy to battle through crowds to get them to the actual fireworks display!!

But fireworks night has been rescued for us, by an amazing friend and her firework wielding husband! She super kindly invites a bunch of us and our rabble of children to her gorgeous house on the 5th each year, puts on party food for the kids and her husband stands in the rain and sets some fireworks off for the children. It ticks the fireworks box with zero effort for me!


And this year I mitigated the whinging about the bangs….ear defenders! I ordered two pairs of Edz Kidz childrens ear defenders from amazon for just under £11 each. As soon as they arrived the kids were desperate to wear them, (one pair even got taken to bed!) and this evening at the fireworks they worked a treat! Not one whinge about the bangs! I’d completely reccomend them.


It’s an evening of chaos. It’s loud and mad. But it’s fun and lovely to share with friends that these days I don’t see enough. And this year was super special as the children have all started at different schools so it was lovely to see them all back together again. There was even a secret pot of hot chocolate on the stove with a plate of biscuits and marshmallows hidden from the view of all small children! Amazing!

The house looked like a bomb had gone off when we left. We are sorry. And apologise to your neighbours for the volume! Please let us come again next year!


2 thoughts on “Fireworks with friends

  1. Winchester sounds like it puts on a great firework display and the ear defenders are a genius purchase. I remember all mine shielding their ears as youngsters, now they are older they love the noise but this takes time, I’m still not keen on the bangs! I’d love you to pop over and join me for Country Kids, it’s a weekly linky all about outdoor fun, looks like you are an outdoor loving family from what I see here.


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