Chickens don’t Roar

“I like chickens because they don’t roar at me like lions” – Bella, 2 years 10 months.

Quote of the day from our trip to Riverford Farm at Upper Norton on their Pumpkin day last Saturday.

I didn’t know Riverford had a farm so close to Winchester until I looked for Halloween/pumpkin events earlier this month.

We have visited the amazing Riverford Field Kitchen in Devon (and will be visiting again soon hopefully as the grandparents are moving conveniently close!). The food at the Field Kitchen restaurant is amazing. If you are ever in the area, go. We went with a newly toddling J years ago and had a seriously good lunch and felt completely at home with a toddler and they thoughtfully even put a chair out for a rather pregnant me rather than perching uncomfortably on the communal benches. The pudding spread is however a challenge of strength when asked to pick just one of the many fabulous looking desserts! I considered changing my clothes and going up again. Nope I haven’t had pudding yet, honest.

Riverford farms hold an annual Pumpkin day. Looked like a great day out just up the road. Pumpkins, food, farm. We woke to a welly boots and rain coat kind of day. Luckily our Ergo rain cover had arrived the previous day (seriously good buy There was a stand off in the car when we arrived over whether Bella actually had to wear wellys or whether just socks would be just fine. Yep sure, you won’t cry hysterically the minute your feet get wet. It started to pee it down the minute we got out of the car. I was wondering if there would be a wine tasting stall and how many samples it would be acceptable to drink.

However, our early rising little darlings had for once come up trumps and we were practically the first ones in the barn. No crowds, first dibs on the tasters. The barn was laid out with some super stands with Riverford and other produce to taste and buy. Children don’t like fresh Riverford pickled eggs, they do like Montezuma chocolate. Surprising that.

We sat on hay bales to watch a lovely lady make squash fritters and caramalised bananas. Both were good. The wait wasn’t so well appreciated by a certain two.


We carved pumpkins, made spooky spiders and ate burgers and pancakes. We saw the happy chickens, which don’t roar, and saw rows and rows of lettuces. Listened to the live music, ate all the food samples going, bought some treats to take home, and found not only a wine taster, but a prosecco taster. Jackpot.

12107554_419324908268476_1299025591_n 12070915_1660827234201588_490201515_n

The kids had an amazing time at Riverford. And we didn’t even get to have a donkey ride or dig for worms! We will be back next year!

And I’ll just ponder longingly over the Riverford Christmas Food brochure in the meantime. The mince pies were seriously good….just a box or 3 maybe?

Life Unexpected

5 thoughts on “Chickens don’t Roar

  1. A successful day then! So much to do and see (and eat and drink!). Looks like you found something to keep everyone happy. I’m also the same with puddings, hoping that it’s acceptable to have 2 or 3. When I last went out with friends I decided to skip the lunch and just have two cakes instead, I was struggling with the second cake and feeling a little ill when I had finished! Gotta try though!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. Oh my god this sounds like the most perfect day out and such an autumnal adventure. I love that chickens don’t roar!!! I really, really want to go here. I would be the same as you with the desserts, I’d have to go back for more. Plus I’d be a great prosecco taster haha. I’m definitely going to look into going to this for next years pumpkin day. I may have to plan a staycation. I wish we had more things like this in Cornwall. You’d think we would. x


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