I’m scheduling a lunch

I haven’t been into town for a while so the opportunities to sample the towns best hot chocolate offerings for my 2015 Hot Chocolate Mission, have been small. Today Bella and I checked another one off from Nicola’s Tea Shop.

After a week of truely epic 2 year old behaviour I took the opportunity to have a couple of hours of one on one time with the little darling. We spent a lovely hour perusing the book shops (currently looking for a weaning cookbook that focuses on family meals that can be mashed up to give to babies rather than an endless list of purées….anyone know of one???). I LOVE book shops. Pre children I could while away endless hours flicking through the pages of beautiful cooking and craft books. One book shop I used to frequent on Piccadilly in London even has a cocktail bar in it! I now however, battle with the price on the back of the book, and the price that Amazon tells me they will deliver it for. I don’t want book shops to disappear, that is a truly hideous thought, and I love the impulse nature of finding a gorgeous book and taking it home then and there, but the cost factor is a horrible pull. I just have no idea how book shops will survive sadly.


Bella pulled out endless princess books to look at sat on the floor. I hope Father Christmas took note.

We walked back towards the car and headed to Nicola’s Tea Shop. I haven’t been in this cafe since Nicola’s took over. I’ve always thought it looked nice from the road, but perhaps being a little off the high street I’ve never really recalled it when looking for a cafe to stop in. A quick order of two hot chocolates to go was all we had time for (and a sneaky cake to send the bill over £5) today.

imageThey were perfectly pleasant hot chocolates but nothing to shout from the rooftops about. And no marshmallows on offer 😦

However….something did catch my eye. The food display was amazing!! Huge super filled ciabatta looking sandwiches and a cake display to pile on the pounds!! All looked super fresh and gorgeous. The one cake I did sneak home, a caramel, chocolate and seed topped flapjack was seriously good. The rest most certainly need to be tried.

I’m heading there for lunch ASAP! See you soon Nicola’s Tea Shop!


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