Don’t forget to pack a clean nappy

Swimming. To be quite honest I don’t like it. Generally would avoid it unless it involves a tropical hotel and pool…like the now distant honeymoon memories…


Swimming with children = official nightmare.

Pack swimming bags

Queue to pay

Wait for allotted time slot in the horrifically busy pool

Spend a small fortune in cafe waiting

Leg it for the one available ‘family’ changing room

Battle small kids into swimming gear

(All the time shouting ‘don’t run you will slip’ to two over excited kids)

Force small arms into arm-bands fearing wrist dislocation

Get in pool and have ‘fun’

Argue with the child turning blue that they ARE cold and its time to get out

Leg it for the one available ‘family’ changing room. Again.

Get wet kids back into clothes that stick to bodies

Wonder how to dry your feet without needing to boil wash your towel 100 times before its useable again.

Listen to ‘I’m hungry can we go to the cafe’ approx every minute

Drive home attempting to keep exhausted kids awake else they won’t go to sleep before 9pm.

90% hell, 10% fun.

Unfortunately i get that kids need to learn how to swim.

Today we sucked up the courage to take three kids swimming for the first time since we have been outnumbered. Romsey rapids is great. Romsey rapids in half term isn’t. We missed the calling of our allotted time slot and you only get 1 hour 10 mins.  (One ridiculously hard to hear announcement, way before the time the reception told us and then a queue you think you should join but apparently is just a queue for all the people waiting with the coloured bands after you who didn’t want a second mortgage in the cafe – not great romsey rapids. Could do better). We spent a quarter of the remaining time getting 5 people in swimwear. Bella’s behaviour was the definition of the terrible twos. I nearly gave up then and went home to drown in wine rather than chlorine.

But J got in the pool and swam. He didn’t cling to our arms. Or panic that he would sink. Our little scardy cat, health and safety monitor, realised his arm-bands made him float (we have told him a bazzilion times) and he was off. Slowly and not exactly elegantly but he was doing it. Seriously proud mum and a beaming boy.

But for those who are taking a baby, remember to pack a clean nappy for after swimming. Just a reminder. It would be bad to forget. This didn’t happen to us at all.


24 thoughts on “Don’t forget to pack a clean nappy

  1. Great fun reading this! We are yet to take our one and only swimming. Like you I know it’s important and good for him but I get tired just thinking about the logistics of it! Hopefully one day I’ll have the pay off of a little boys triumph in the pool too 🙂 #justanotherlinky


  2. I deliberatley avoid such places in half term (soft play is another), but well done for braving it and well done for the little man realising he can float – oh and we have weekly swimming lessons and I may have forgotten a nappy on more than one occasion :0)


    • Swimming lessons are one we need to tackle soon I fear….I’m actually dreading that. Getting one child ready for swimming whilst trying to not let the other two jump in the pool will be interesting!


  3. We’ve not braved swimming with the toddler and baby yet! We took toddler when she was a baby and she screamed the whole time she was at the pool – an experience I don’t want to repeat! #JustAnotherLinky


  4. Oh I know what you mean! It is so much work having to take the girls swimming but the truth is that they really enjoy it and have fun. well done for your little swimmer. My eldest daughter is a little bit afraid of going under the water but she is getting better and my little is like a fish so funny how they can be so different. And yes don’t forget a clean nappy!! LOL 🙂 xx


  5. Haha!! I flipping hate swimming too! Such a faff, for 5 minutes in the pool, before shouts of ‘out’ and ‘home!’ (And that is the children, not us!!) then the screaming in the cubicle while we dry them…*shuddering at the thought.* I’ll brave it a bit more when they’re older… Great post!


    • Yep I keep telling myself once everyone can be trusted to get them self dressed and undressed without sitting on the floor or chewing on a discarded plaster it will be easier! We will take them every weekend then right?!


  6. Haha great share, and great read – we avoid swimming like the plague – he can learn when he gets older and has lessons with someone other than me :p #justanotherlinky


  7. I took Poppy to Romsey Rapids this week too and I need to tell you about Fast Track because it made the whole experience so much better. We booked online the day before and picked our timeslot. Then when we arrived we didn’t have to queue, instead a nice boy crossed us off on his clipboard and showed us up the stairs to the Fast Track lane where we got to walk past everyone waiting! We were also entitled to a free mini golf session but we didn’t take them up on it. The pool was still hideously busy but the whole experience was positive so I definitely recommend booking online for future.


  8. I’ve been taking my little man swimming since he was a few months old and I’m getting much better at being organised and taking everything I need. Forgot my bra once though, that was abit awkward!! I always take more than one swimming nappy too – we went once and he did a giant poo in the pool. Didn’t want to wait and see if his swimming nappy was poo-proof so we got out to change his bum…only to realise I’d not packed a spare swimming nappy, major fail! #justanotherlinky


  9. Oh I absolutely agree! I love swimming as an activity – I really enjoy it. But I hate public swimming pools. Hate the smell, the chlorine, the people, & the always disgusting changing rooms. Even worse with small children, who I feel probably should not be touching anything there (&, yes, who run & slip). Hate all the washing of everything afterwards. Hate that you cannot get clean at swimming pools & therefore need to shower again at home. Again, worse with little kids who are trying to go to sleep by then (let them sleep & never get chlorine smell out of bedding or make them get in the bath when they want to sleep??) Hate that you cannot get nappy wearing kids ready under their clothes at home because swim nappies, of course, are not absorbent and do not work out of water. If I had a private pool, would be in there all the time. But public pools I avoid like the plague I fear they carry! But, as you say, you know kids should go & you have to do it.

    My toddler has recently discovered a love for it, after always being very unsure & scared too. She actually went to Romsey Rapids with her dad, but it was before her new found swimming love! Sounds like J is doing really well. #justanotherlinky


    • I know! I keep thinking that I should just let it go and not think about the general ickyness of public pools, but I just can’t! Great your little one is loving swimming at the moment. If they love it at least it’s worth the pain for us!


  10. Well done you. I am always proud of myself when I have taken the little one swimming. It is really stressful trying to get him dressed and to keep his clothes dry whilst I am dripping wet and then to prevent him from fatally injuring (small injuries are inevitable) himself whilst I get dressed. I feel proud of myself because it is a really worthwhile life skill for him etc etc. Phew. Exhausting though. Great thing is that he is always absolutely knackered afterwards and falls asleep at which point I drink tea and cake. #justanotherlinky


    • Keeping them safe whilst you get changed is a right pain isn’t it. I actually told my 4 year old to keep hold of the baby on the bench whilst I got changed as close as I could get, with one leg/arm always at the ready to shove the baby back on the bench! One swimming pool I’ve been to had little fold down seats on the cubical walls with straps to put little ones in which was a great idea!


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