Hobbycraft, Haskins and a hot breakfast

Hobbycraft is a seriously dangerous shop for me. Pre-children I would spend my hard earned money on beautiful papers, reels of ribbon and cake decorating supplies. Now I buy lolly-pop sticks, glitter and giant bags of pompoms. Somehow though it’s still addictive. 

Last week on a Mummy and Bella day, we were scraping the barrel with Nana for an idea of what to do. Miserable weather. Lacking in energy. A trip to Hobbycraft and Haskins, the next door garden centre which has a great cafe, in West End, was a winner.

We perused the aisles in Hobbycraft for a good while, with Bella asking approximately every 36 seconds could she please have this, or that she NEEDED this, or wasn’t this AMAZING. Not dissimilar to the thought process in my head when looking around to be honest! Clearly the addiction to this store is passed through the generation. She came away with a Unicorn Suncatcher, for the bargain price of £1. Afternoon entertainment sorted. I made some discreet purchasing for a certain princesses birthday party. Every 3 year old girl needs a plastic jewelry filled pinata at their party right?!

On to Haskins garden center just next door…and everyone knows the best time to visit a garden centre….not in the summer when the flowers are out and gardens need filling, no…..Christmas!  Obviously. Yep, it is October. Bella wondered around this winter wonderland exclaiming ‘it’s amazing’ at the top of her voice to the delight of many an old folk, and what baby needs a sensory play centre when you have a garden centre full of Christmas lights!

But what I like most about Haskins at West End is the restaurant. It is a self service type restaurant, with a number of different ‘stations’ for salads, hot food, cakes etc. For a quick easy lunch out with the kids I love this kind of restaurant, just like the John Lewis restaurant in West Quay. One of the major issues for my children in restaurants is the waiting time…they choose what they want from the menu, tell the waiter, and then have to sit still for half an hour for it to arrive. Not a 3 year olds dream. Self service means the food is in front of them quick. They are quiet and happy quick. Who wouldn’t want that?! And if you visit on a nice weather day, there is a sweet little play ground outside with a few tables.

We arrived in time for breakfast and had a super fry up treat with a coffee. Yum.


Hash browns. A contender for the best type of potato.

A leisurely breakfast and chat whiled away an hour or so. So lost in my coffee and toast that I failed to notice Bella eating a pack of flora margarine. With her tongue. The pot was licked clean before I noticed. Nearly 3 year olds are weird.


And she loved her unicorn suncatcher…although mummy painted most of it…was trickier than you’d imagine!





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