Food, food and sundaes on Sunday.

I’m not even going to think about the amount of calories I’ve eaten this weekend. Bloomin tasty calories though. Makes a change from the spinach and poached eggs I’ve been eating since my body evicted the baby, in a bid to shed the baby weighed gained in during the 3 pregnancies I’ve carried in the last 4 and a bit years.

Our weekends are usually pretty jam packed with family activities as Mr G doesn’t get to see much of the sprogs during the week, but both Mr G and I had our own social engagements this weekend, shoe horned in amongst the essential chores and family time. So after the usual Saturday morning at the Winchester Golf Center, and a trip to get a highly excitable new ballerina her very own leotard and ballet skirt (the cuteness is UNBELIEVABLE…but it’s not PINK!! What 3 year old ballet class doesn’t wear pink???) we headed to the supermarket to get supplies for Big J’s choice of weekend activity…The Tasting Game.

Ours, as most children do I think, have gone through some pretty fussy eating phases. During one such episode, I got completely sick of the argument “I don’t like it”, “how do you know”, “I just know”, “just try it”, “no”, “just one tiny bit”, “no”… goes on. So we went to the supermarket and walked around letting the children pick out foods they had never tried before. Got home, laid it all out, and all took turns tasting each thing (including adults) with stickers handed out to the amazing people who tried new things, accompanied by over enthusiastic praising and ridiculousness. I’m sure you can imagine the scene.

This attempt to get the kids to get a new food past their lips has now become a game/entertainment in its own right. They think it’s fun, I think it’s a handy exercise to get them to eat new foods. Double win! The power of a sticker still amazes me! This week we learnt the children really don’t like sausage rolls (?!) but one likes radishes (thank you very much Peter Rabbit/CBeebies) and they both like malt loaf. Malt loaf radish sandwiches anyone?

So after stuffing myself with the most random platter of foods ever put together, I headed out to meet one of my original NCT groups of Mummy friends for afternoon tea. We don’t see each other all together very often now sadly as people have moved away and gone back to work, but I love to catch up when we can. They’ve seen it all and there is always someone to empathise with the current parenting woe you have, judgement free, with a laugh rather than a frown. They rock!

For the second year running we have met at the Vineyard in Stockcross, Newbury. I love afternoon tea, I even had it at my wedding rather than a hot dinner. I’ve eaten a fair few in my time. Afternoon tea at the Vineyard is fabulous. We had a lovely square table in the gorgeous foyer sitting area, which was perfect for our group of 8 as we were all able to talk as a group


The food was super tasty; plates of beautifully made finger sandwiches, piles of super fresh scones and then an amazing platter of the most delicate and tasty cakes, mouses and tarts. And one for everyone…no scraps over the last chocolate mousse for these sleep deprived, caffeine and sugar fueled mums! Phew!


After 18 babies between us since we met pretty much exactly 4 years ago, now is the first time, since our oldests were 7 months old, that none of these lovely ladies are in the process of growing another small terror to add to their chaos (yep that crazy person who got started on round two when the first was only 7months was me). There was talk of outings with wine….maybe even an overnight stay!! The luxury! PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN SOON!

The baby came along to afternoon tea, whilst Mr G entertained the big two. Mr G was leaving for a round of golf the next morning at 6am. I asked him which child he was taking to keep the solo parenting commitment the same. Apparently golf isn’t the same as afternoon tea, and colleagues aren’t the same as friends. Double standards.

When daddy walked back in mid Sunday afternoon, I was desperate to leave the house after being car free for the morning. Sundaes on Sunday was the solution. Mr G is just a tad addicted to ice cream. Winchester sadly doesn’t have a good ‘sit in’ ice cream parlour, so we always head to Sprinkles Gelato in Portswood, The place is amazing. More ice cream flavours than a class of 5 year olds could even imagine. They have great booth style seating which we love as it always seems easier to control and entertain kids with ants in their pants in a booth for some reason. The chocolate/banana/strawberry waffle and caramel sundae were demolished pretty quickly from the uncharacteristically quiet table. Big Yum!


Bella is happy in that photo, honest…she just didn’t want her mummy to waste valuable eating time taking another sodding photo.

So, go enjoy Sundaes on Sundays guys, and if you have any recommendations of where to go for an night away with my gorgeous mummy friends, and methods of convincing 8 husbands that they do want to babysit the 18 little darlings, let me know!


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