Hot chocolate is a food group right?

My kids LOVE hot chocolate. At home. In cafes. Takeout. They aren’t fussy (the one major treat given to the cows milk intolerant Bella, at the sacrifice of her eczema). To be honest I’m not sure I know a child who isn’t bribeable by a ‘chocolate babyccino’

Winchester has A LOT of cafes. We’ve drank (spilt) hot chocolate in a lot of them. Many a cosytoes has had hot chocolate scrubbed out of it. It’s hotly debated amongst friends where the best hot chocolate is from. Ask anyone, they will have an opinion.

So with the onset of the weather for snuggly jumpers, woolly hats, and scarfs, the Abandon the House family are on a quest to try them all. A 2015 winter mission.

First stop this morning was my current top contender for most amazing hot chocolate available in the city….Caracoli. 

Caracoli is a gorgeous little coffee shop on the high street. I struggle to go in and only come out with what I went in for. The lunch sandwiches/salads always scream ‘buy me’ as they look so fresh and delicious and the cakes…amazing. The hot chocolate (£3.25/rg) here is, in my opinion, in a league of its own. Comes with marshmallows as standard if you want them. Just get them. Ignore the calories. They are like no other – taste almost honey like. They also do a children’s hot chocolate (£1.70) which is inhaled by Big J and Bella every time.

My Caracoli hot chocolate was the perfect accompaniment to mine and the babys walk through town on such a gorgeous day today.


This hot chocolate will be hard to beat. Winchester coffee shops, do your best!

I’ll keep you informed.


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