So when do I fake a reply from a mermaid?

Big J kept talking about ‘messages in bottles’ the other day. I have no clue where this concept came to him from….Peppa ruddy Pig probably. There should be a line in the National Curriculum for ‘concepts learnt through Peppa Pig’. Whilst picking up bread and milk from the local shop some bottles screaming ‘make me into a ‘message in a bottle’ bottle’ jumped in my basket…


Someone had to empty them that night. Tough parent job.

The excitement was staggering in the message making stage the next day. I probably got a good 15 minutes peace out of that one! And writing practice, essential according to one of the 73 emails the school sent me last Friday. Wine and writing practice, double win!!


Jonah decided his Grammy in Torquay had to find his. I tried to explain that that was pretty bloomin unlikely but she had to look anyway apparently. Bella wanted Grandad to find hers, or alternatively she’d quite like a princess or mermaid to find it. I didn’t even bother explaining that one.

After having a minor panic about the art of getting a bottle to actually go out to sea, and a quick phone a friend to someone who actually likes the sea (I don’t) and with a dad who knows about tides we had a plan for launch! We headed down to Warsash and wondered along the beach when the tide was going out.


My planning had however not allowed for the throwing skills of a 4 and 2 year old.


They can throw approximately 3 foot.

Good job I wore wellies.


Bottles retrieved for launch attempt 2. Luckily Daddy has a better arm.

A rope swing, a fence, and an ice cream later, we went home to wait for Grammy and a mermaid to reply. I wasn’t hopeful.

11199417_1074306215942714_1238496627_n 12081053_1693309414232513_1499618583_n


I got an email (I’d put that as our contact details), from a little girl who had found Big J’s bottle whilst out sailing her boat! She sent a lovely message and her photo. I was SHOCKED to say the least! Jonah was over the moon. Someone had actually found his bottle! And not his sisters! (why does everything get turned into a competition??).

I decided to leave out the fact that she found it a few metres down the river, probably about 24 hours after we launched it. Oh well. We will claim it as success.

We are still waiting to hear from the mermaids.

Life Unexpected

7 thoughts on “So when do I fake a reply from a mermaid?

  1. The rope swing reminds me of one my little girls played on at the Hamble Country Park many moons ago, until “one” decided she had had enough and let go while still swinging over the river!


  2. Brilliant! When I was little we found a message in a bottle which had made it all the way to the West Coast of Scotland from Canada. Sadly water had got into the bottle and we couldn’t read all of the address so we couldn’t respond – I remember being gutted. Fingers crossed you hear from the mermaid soon…………..#whatevertheweather


  3. Aww, that’s lovely that Jonah got a reply, who cares that it didn’t get far, at least it was found! Excellent idea to buy wine for the special bottles, that’s clearly good thinking on your part. Maybe you should drink another bottle and fill it with pretty little shells or a shell necklace from there mermaid?!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  4. This is brilliant!!! Hooray to Jonah getting a reply. This is such a beautiful activity to do all together. Definitely one for the memory book. We sent off some messages in a bottle a few years ago and still haven’t heard anything back. Although we used cork tops and I doubt they were properly sealed. These bottles look so much better. What a chore having to empty them 😉 I’m tempted to try our message in a bottle again, purely for an excuse to have a glass of wine haha. This sounds like so much fun though. I do love a good rope swing too. 😀 I really hope that the mermaid replies soon! If she doesn’t, I think you probably are going to have to fake it. x


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