Get the Pizza not the Pie

Friday ended a LONG week.

A first day at school, a first day at preschool and a first day at ‘ballet school’ (aka ballet lessons if you aren’t 2.5 years old).

My fitbit was practically burning up with the new levels of steps it had to count on a daily basis whilst to-ing and fro-ing (though I swear it cheated me out of a darn few ‘active minutes’!).

By 5pm on Friday dinner out and wine was pretty much the only option. 5pm….11.45am…same thing. Mr G was done with work by lunchtime, a VERY rare occurrence, the stars had aligned.

We’ve been saying for a while Winchester has many many restaurants but very few less formal eating places that you can pop in for an early tea with kids, or have a quick sit down and grab a bite to eat when in town and you want more than a sandwich. So when, perhaps showing my age here but Molokos (circa early 2000s club with a queue at the bottom of the stairs!) sprang into life as The Stable ( we were, (despite initial disappointment of yet ANOTHER pizza place) hopeful of a new place to frequent with the kids.

Frequent it we shall.

We popped in for a quick pizza a couple of weeks ago with just my eldest son and it was AMAZING. For any other ex-Londoners, think along the lines of Fire and Stone. Weird stuff on pizzas. The Stables ‘Blazing Saddle’ was seriously tasty. And Big J pretty much demolished an entire margarita.

Friday night we rocked up in force. Parents, three kids (all on top volume form) and double buggy. Frequently a terrifying sight for the poor waiting staff who greet us at a restaurant. But at The Stable we were greeted with a smile, and dumping the buggy downstairs whilst we headed upstairs (big communal bench seats downstairs, comfier booth type seating upstairs) seemed no trouble at all for them (obligatory ‘we will leave the children here too then??’ joke made whilst dumping buggy).


The wine came quick. The children had ‘ear plushers’ (aka headphones) so I didn’t have to hear the irritating tones of peppa pig. I was at last sat down with no jobs to do. Mummy utopia.

The pizzas again didn’t disappoint.

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However, the chicken pie, was a big let down. We are pie fans and there wasn’t a drop of gravy/sauce to be found in that pie. Dry pie. Eugh. Don’t order pie. Order pizza.

And then, for Big J, the magic happened. Pudding. A CHOCOLATE SPREAD PIZZA. OMG. What could be better in the eyes of a small boy! He can actually stay quiet for more than 39 seconds. Miracles happen.

We will be going back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Big J is walking back now. I’d drive him back for the 10 minutes peace and a chocolate covered face anytime!

Top tips…

The Stable seems very family friendly. They have a children’s menus, high chairs and a baby change.

Cider lovers will be no doubt delighted by the 62 ciders available. You can even get a cider tasting board of 5 small glasses for £7.50.

Check out the open kitchen upstairs….free entertainment for the kids whilst they wait and plays to my inner hygiene worry!

Comfy enough for someone!

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