When all else fails….ABANDON THE HOUSE!

Since having my first baby 4 years ago, my husby and I have always said sometimes with kids you just need to abandon the house and get out. Go anywhere. Have fun. Run. Eat. Anything other than attempting to stop toddlers emptying cupboards, having the 63rd tantrum of the last hour, or staring at all the chores that need to be done yet are an impossible task with whingy kids attached to your ankles.

As our family has grown, we have recently welcomed our third baby to the chaos, this has been even more essential to my weekdays with 3 preschool kids at home and our weekends where time with daddy is precious and staying at home is pretty darn dull.

However, going out with three, high energy, loud, able to eat their own weight in snacks, kids is not as easy as day trips (and dare I say it, weekends away!) when it was just two adults who can walk for more than 7.6 seconds without moaning and can cope for an entire trip out of the house without declaring as soon as you’ve got onto the motorway that they need the loo NOW!! (well when not pregnant at least anyways). Finding places to go and things to do that will be of interest to everyone, reasonably stress free, and don’t require a second mortgage in ticket fees isn’t always as straight forward as it might sound. Once your local park has been frequented more times than you care to count, a new idea from a fellow parent attempting to entertain their own kids is like a gift from the Gods.

So when out and about on our travels and adventures (we are based in Winchester, Hampshire, so will be activities around here or day trips) I will attempt to document them here. A note to say places we’ve enjoyed, hidden gems, if they have a baby change and hugely important details like crucially for my eldest son, whether there is a cafe as certainly in my family, hungry kids ain’t happy kids! A record for our family and perhaps an idea or two for another mummy in the middle of a full scale meltdown house.

I hope you find something fun to do!

“You have to make the memories you want them to have” (Angi Martin – Instagram)


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