Up, up and away….well sit on the floor and eat pancakes.

Some people think me and my family are a little mad.

The last two years we’ve had a day out which has provoked the most ‘are you bloomin crazy?’ ‘you are kidding?’ type comments…BRISTOL BALLOON FIESTA! Both years it has possibly been one of my most fun days of the year.

Getting up at 3.30am is completely worth it for a pancake!

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Even we considered this year if we would be completely mad by going….we had a just 4 year old, a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old, and this is not a morning for the faint hearted! But we quickly remembered we aren’t the family that worry about such practicalities…if its going to be fun, GO FOR IT!

A 3.30 alarm (which somehow didn’t go off, but no worries the 3 month olds milk alarm went off right on time of 3.45), 5 minutes pointless discussion of who the heck didn’t set the alarm, yes I did set the alarm, why the heck did it not go off (you know the drill) later, kids in PJs bundled into the car, and off we went (and no they did NOT go back to sleep in case you were wondering).

The ‘Dawn Assent’ is truly magical, must be 100 odd balloons ascending in quick succession from right in front of you is a pretty awesome sight. A few picnic rugs and some over priced pancakes is all you need for a pretty calm entertainment for 2 hours. I kid you not. 2 hours!


A post shared by Naomi Gregory (@naomi_greg) on

A post shared by Naomi Gregory (@naomi_greg) on

We then headed to our friends cafe in Clifton, The Mockingbird, and had amazing southern american biscuits for brunch. A stop in Bath for a Bens Cookie or two was clearly not to be missed when in the area, and then home in time for tea.

It may seem a little crazy dragging littles out of bed in the middle of the night but do it! Go with the flow and it will be a day to remember I’m sure.

Top tips…

Book the premium parking, its only £6 more…unless you want to drag small kids back up a pretty long steep hill after being up since 3.45 am…then you are madder than even me!

Tell the kids the plan the night before. Its a great bedtime behaviour bribe and less likely for my kids at least, to end up in a meltdown at being woken up.

Unfortunately….don’t be late…you really need to get there for 6am if you want to see the full spectacle.

(There are evening assents but these are busier (quieter is easier to see your little darlings as they leg it off to get another pancake) and there are a lot more stalls/entertainments/bouncy castles etc open which simply isn’t our family type things but if that’s your bag then even more entertainment I guess!)


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