Treasure Hunting!….or Geocaching for anyone who doesn’t need to sell the idea to their 2 year old!

After waking up at 6am and baking apple scones for breakfast which not one child would even try (apparently nothing is as good as coco pops for breakfast) and checking the weather forecast which quite reliably told me it would rain today we decided to brave the weather and go TREASURE HUNTING! By treasure hunting, I mean Geocaching, which for those who haven’t yet heard of this, is searching the country for small hidden boxes, by the use of coordinates, which hold a small log book and perhaps some treasures to swap in and out.

Good old iphone, allowed me to download a handy app which even the free version showed us the location of several local(ish) caches and would kindly lead us to the ‘treasure’ without me attempting to remember how to use a real compass (remembering from girl guide days was highly likely to get us lost rather than turn us into proficient treasure hunters!). We gathered up some party bag spares from previous birthday parties organised, and bundled into the car with 4 out of 5 coats. Oops.

We set our sights on a cache 15 minutes from home and drove until our handy app beeped telling us we had successfully navigated ourselves within 30m of ‘treasure’! How skilled we were! Car parked, excitable kids out, and approx 30 minutes of searching began. When excitement levels were failing, and a husband was about to throw in the towel, good ol’ mummy was able to play the ‘oh kids, maybe the treasure is over here….no look down a bit, no not up in that tree, down, still down, under that postbox…..oh WOW you found the treasure’ card. Thank the lord. But it was pretty bloomin exciting! I can see why people get addicted to this activity.

Our first Geocaching trip!

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We swapped our little army men (these boxes are SMALL….if you bring treasures to swap make them the kind of things you usually hide from small children in case they stick them up their noses) for a loom band which J broke within approximately 3.4 seconds, wrote in the log book, and claimed the find on our app. Everyone back in the car, muddy shoes all over the seats and on to find more tresure. We managed to find 4 out of the 6 we stopped for, and these were all ones located near to the roads/lanes as it was still peeing it down. There looks to be lovely walks you can do with multiple caches to find on the route which is certainly on our to do list for a dry day. Winchester city centre seems to have quite a few to discover too. And we will be upgrading the app (ours is £22.99 for a year) for sure!! Go ‘treasure hunting’…way more fun than a normal walk!

Top tips….

Decent footwear a must, and ideally long sleeve and maybe even gloves for wimps like me to search through hedges. These things can be seriously well hidden!

Baby carrier or a very off road buggy essential for the non walking family members (or our very lazy princess!)


A post shared by Naomi Gregory (@naomi_greg) on


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