Farley Mount

One gorgeous summer day, we took the kids and the grandparents to Farley Mount. We’ve been a couple of times before but to be honest have never really explored a lot but the wooden play trail area is certainly worth a visit.

Farley Mount is about 10 minutes drive out of Winchester on the Sarum Road.


It’s a gorgeous place for a run around and explore. Huge wooden play structures dotted around through an area of the woods and huge rocks and fallen trees to clamber over.

Top tips…

Park in Hawthorns car park for the play area

The play structures are down a long sloped path…fine getting down when everyone has energy and eager to play, not so great getting them back up when tired. We always take the buggy to ship them back up the hill.

The tunnels are DARK. Iphone torch convinced our wuss of a 2 year old in if you are brave/stupid enough to give your mobile phone to a toddler running through pitch black tunnels. Maybe a poundland torch would have been a good investment!


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