Baby needs sleep + Mummy needs caffeine = Costa drive through!!

Think of this as a public service announcement for all new mums and all those mums who are yet to know this nugget of genius…..


This fact will improve your life greatly if you have a screaming baby.

On those days where the baby is screaming, the toddler is demanding and you just want everyone to GO TO SLEEP, yet its not the magic hour of 6pm yet, get in your car and drive to the Costa drive through. The baby will fall asleep in the car on the way, the toddler may fall asleep or if not can be bribed with a chocolate babychino, and the kind lady will make and deliver you a coffee without you having to get out of your car and risk waking the baby. Park up and enjoy your (hot!!) coffee and 10 minutes peace! Joy!

Top tips…

The closest Costa drive through to me is Baisingstoke, next to the swimming pool and ice rink.

Any purchases from the Costa drive through contain ZERO calories. It’s a magic window! So eat a muffin – you deserve it!

Unsettled baby all day = drive through Costa

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